Mongolia Mining Company Building the Future of Global Energy

Mongolia Mining Company Building the Future of Global Energy

Our History

Founded in Texas in 2012 the Mongolia Mining Company has focused on global Uranium Mining for several years, as the world populations continue to grow outdated fossil fuels will be unable to keep up.

A new generation has evolved that wants a cleaner source of energy for their electric cars to their smart homes and the entire infrastructure of their cities and Nuclear Energy will supply that by the electricity it produces using the Uranium that fuels those reactors.

This shows the number of operable nuclear reactors as of January 1st, 2018, by country. Which were in operation as of January 2018. Operable nuclear reactors are those connected to the grid.

In 1954, history was made when nuclear fission technology was approved for commercial purposes and the first nuclear power plant started operation in the Russian city of Obninsk.

For the first time, it was possible to meet the demand of an increasingly energy-thirsty world – at a reasonable price, too. 

Uranium Mining

Global Uranium Mining – Countries, Market Share, and Reserves

The following provides data on the global mine production of uranium from 2002 to 2016. In 2006, some 39.4 thousand metric tons of uranium were mined worldwide. A decade later, total production stood at nearly 62 thousand metric tons.

Mine production of uranium in major countries from 2009 to 2016 (in metric tons)

World Energy

Nuclear Energy will emerge over fossil fuels

United States & World Energy

This illustrates the leading ten countries worldwide based on uranium consumption in 2016. In that year, the United States was the largest uranium consumer worldwide, using a total of almost 18.2 thousand metric tons of Uranium vs. Russia 6.5 thousand metric tons.

The United States produces only 1.1 metric tons yet uses 18.5 metric tons. Russia produces 3.5 metric tons yet uses 6.5 metric tons. China with 1.3 Billion people currently use only 5.3 metric tons and only produce 1.6 metric tons with more Nuclear Reactors under construction than any other country they will surpass both the US and Russia in Uranium consumption when they become operational. The demand is high for mining Uranium for these Big 3 Super Powers of the World.


Purchases and Applications for Mining Concessions worldwide

We acquire mining concessions and invest around the globe, most recently in New Mexico where the lost mines of Grants District have since reopened, this was the foremost supplier of Uranium in United States during the last half of the 20th Century with reserves of 200 thousand tons of Uranium valued at $80 billion. Ukraine has mining reserves comparable to the United States and is interested becoming energy self-sufficient and will become an important supplier of Uranium as will Mongolia with 140 thousand metric tons in estimated Uranium reserves. These mining opportunities represent the last mining rush that will take place on Earth, those that have the market share and control uranium will replace the Oil Baron’s and in essence control the World Energy.

China Uranium

Why China with 1.3 billion people will exceed America in usage of Uranium by 2025

USA Uranium

America is the largest Uranium user in the world 18.5 metric tons vs. only 1.1 tons of production

Russia Uranium

Russia has built the largest Uranium consortium in the world – with 50% global market control





We develop Uranium Mining opportunities and partnerships worldwide, as well as NYMEX market positions in Uranium Futures when the market fluctuates, and reserves are depleted, along with applications for mining concessions with State, Federal & Foreign Governments.

“We are building the Future of Global Energy”

Our Latest Projects

Our latest projects include the Opening of the large Uranium mines in the Four Corners area, Grants District of New Mexico & Utah, as well as Ukraine that has also recently opened up for Uranium mining, and the continued exploration of Mongolia’s vast mineral deposits.

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Location: Asia 

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New Mexico USA

Location: United States

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Location: Eastern Europe

Team Members


Ilona Pacher

Global Operations



Gerhardt von Hessé

Executive Officer



G. Hendershott

Global Mining Agreements


Global Uranium Mining

The Future of World Energy – Uranium truly spans the globe as illustrated this map from the longitude earth plain that runs from Ukraine to Kazakhstan all the way to Mongolia covering half the circumference of the planet.

Uranium can be mined and processed on every continent. We at MMC are dedicated to the mining, production and usage of Uranium as the source of Future World Energy.

“Building the Future of Global Energy”


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