About Us

Founded in Texas in 2012 the Mongolia Mining Company has focused on global Uranium Mining for several years, as the world populations continue to grow outdated fossil fuels will be unable to keep up.

A new generation has evolved that wants a cleaner source of energy for their electric cars to their smart homes and the entire infrastructure of their cities and Nuclear Energy will supply that by the electricity it produces using the Uranium that fuels those reactors.

There has been a quiet acquisition for market share of Uranium mines worldwide to supply this new global source of energy that will eventually replace the fossil fuels that our world is burning through and polluting atmosphere at a rapid pace.

Number of operable nuclear power plants by country 

This shows the number of operable nuclear reactors as of January 1st, 2018, by country. Which were in operation as of January 2018. Operable nuclear reactors are those connected to the grid.

In 1954, history was made when nuclear fission technology was approved for commercial purposes and the first nuclear power plant started operation in the Russian city of Obninsk. For the first time, it was possible to meet the demand of an increasingly energy-thirsty world – at a reasonable price, too. The new energy proved to be an extremely reliable and stable form of electricity. Since nuclear power plants are only shut down for refueling every two years or so, they provide an around-the-clock “baseload” supply of power.