Russian dominance of the Uranium Markets


Russian control of the World Uranium markets from previous Soviet Union satellite countries like Kazakhstan all the way to the North America by way of the controversial Uranium 1 acquisition during America's recent Presidential Election, and the takeover of the Uranium mines in Mongolia from a small Canadian company which had legal mining rights, that were illegally taken and given to Rosatom - ARMZ the Russian Government owned nuclear energy company. 

Russia does have a master plan to control & profit & become in essence the OPEC of Uranium driving the price for energy the starved nations of the world, this is an Informative Newsletter that you will want to Read - June 2018

Russia holds the sixth largest economy in the world and is one of wealthiest nations. Following the 1998 Russian financial collapse, Russia introduced several structural reforms that allowed for a fast economic recovery. Following these reforms, Russia experienced a significant economical boost due to the rise in commodity prices.


Additionally, Russia is highly dependent on the mining and production of natural resources, primarily in the energy department, in order to promote economic growth in the country. Due to large energy reserves throughout the country and previous satellite nations like Mongolia and Kazakhstan, Russia has developed a stable economy capable of sustaining itself for many years into the future. The majority of Russian energy reserves are located in Western Siberia and previous communist satellite countries and have become one of Russia’s primary exports and the country is able to profit entirely off of sales due to high prices as well as a global demand for energy.


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